Quad 220’ tall Guy Wire Supported Flare Stack

24” HP & 6” LP & 6” AG & 10” CYRO x 220’ tall Guy Wire Supported Flare Stack

This flare stack was challenging for FlareTech’s design team to incorporate and orient the various lines, ignition system tracking, and guy wire lugs on this combination flare stack. When the project was brought to us, we were a last resort; the client didn’t know that FlareTech existed as we were only in our second year of operation. Every other flare vendor declined the bid and said the flare stack was not possible to build; FlareTech stepped up to the plate with their 30+ years of experience, designed and built a very high quality and dependable flare system.

The flare stack not only had four separate lines going up the flare stack but it had two high pressure gas-assists, one on the HP and one on the Cyro. It took a great deal of thought to incorporate the four flare lines, two HP gas assist risers, three ignitor tracking systems, and three elevations of guy wires in the flare. A major challenge arose when trying to create a system to support the Cryogenic lines and still allow for expansion and contraction; we designed a collar system to allow the cryogenic flare line to move freely but still support the guy wire lug.