Guy Wire Supported Air-Assisted Flare Stack

36” x 84” x 275’ tall Guy Wire Supported Air-Assisted Flare Stack

When this client contacted us they were insistent on having FlareTech’s President, John Cassidy, size and design the flare stack for this project. John had previously designed flare stacks for them which have proven to be highly efficient and perform flawlessly.

John sized and designed the new flare stack with the advantages and upgrades that FlareTech provides to be 100% smokeless at 70,000 kg/hr and a design flow rate of 300,000 kg/hr. The Flare Stack had a 36” Dia. waste gas riser and an 84” Dia. air duct with two 200hp vane axial blowers.

FlareTech manufactured the flare stack and it was erected in 2014.