Flare Systems


A Guyed flare stack is typically supported by three guy wires that are equally spaced around the perimeter of the flare riser. Tall guyed flare stacks require additional levels of guy wires, which can be 2, 3, 4, and in some instances 5 levels of guy wires. FlareTech provides guy wire supported flare systems to be installed anywhere in the world, all to meet the local wind & environmental conditions of the area to be installed. Guyed flare stacks require a large footprint due to the radius of the “deadman” anchors, therefore, a Self-Supported flare can be preferred. Depending on the height required, guyed flare stacks can be designed for a fully assembled one piece lift or for very tall flares, erected in multiple lifts of flanged sections.


Self-supporting (free standing) flare stacks consist of multiple sections with a larger diameter at the base to a smaller diameter at the tip.

A self-supporting flare stack has no guy wire cables and relies on the structural rigidity of the riser sections and the foundation for support. Self-supporting flare stacks can also be erected in one piece or in multiple sections. Although there is only one foundation required for self-supporting versus multiple for a guyed flare, the foundation on the self-supporting flare is more substantial than those of the guyed flare, but most prefer the self-supporting flare largely due to the smaller footprint.