Air-Assisted Flares

FlareTech Inc. offers two main types of air-assisted flares using our advanced designs to promote complete, efficient combustion of heavier waste gases at sites.

Designed to dispose of heavy hydrocarbons that would otherwise create smoke during the combustion process; air-assisted flares use blowers to introduce ambient air directly into the waste gas stream as it exits the flare tip. We use this introduction of ambient air, along with turbulence and stabilizing, to ensure a thorough air/fuel mixture, while also stabilizing the flame.  The waste gas and air, once ignited, must be together for enough time, at sufficient temperature, and be thoroughly mixed via turbulence to ensure no smoke is produced and a high destruction efficiency is maintained.

All of FlareTech’s air-assisted flare stacks are designed to be the most efficient and dependable flare systems on the market. FlareTech design and manufacture two models of air-assisted flare systems; the A.I.R. Flare Stack Tip and the S.L. Flare Stack Tip for a wide variety of low-pressure or high-pressure flaring applications. Our technologists have many years of experience and will assist you to ensure the proper design is chosen to suit your site specific conditions. Each flare is custom designed to meet your requirements.