FlareTech A.I.R. Air-Assisted Flare Stack Tip

The A.I.R air-assisted flare tip has an internal pipe (waste gas riser) which delivers the waste gas to the tip, the outer pipe transports the air from the blower where it is forced into the waste gas stream. The ring at the tip of the flare stack directs the air into the waste gas stream creating efficient mixture of the waste gas and air for stable smoke free combustion.

The A.I.R. air-assisted flare tip design is utilised for low flow rates of waste gas that have a low exit velocity waste gas that will smoke without the addition of air being mixed into the stream. With this design, existing utility flare tips on low pressure flares can be modified without affecting the pressure drop of the existing flare system. This tip design can also be utilised on high pressure flares that have a secondary source of low pressure waste gas that requires air to eliminate smoke from forming.