Combination Flare Stacks

FlareTech Inc. designs and manufactures Combination Flare Stacks consisting of:

  • Dual – High Pressure & Low Pressure Flares;
  • Triple – High Pressure, Low Pressure & Acid Gas Flares;
  • Quadruple – High Pressure, Low Pressure, Acid Gas & Cryogenic Flares.

Combination Flare Stacks have individual waste gas risers with the flare tips mounted relatively close to one another. FlareTech has a proprietary design that allows Dual Flare Stacks to use just one Pilot and Pilot Ignition System to ignite and maintain ignition of both flares. FlareTech has manufactured small 40′ tall Dual Self-Supporting flares to large Quadruple flares up to 250′ tall.

Combination Flare Stacks offer a smaller footprint when space is at a premium.

Dual Flare Stacks

Triple Flare Stacks

Quad Flare Stacks