Combination Flare Stacks

FlareTech Inc. design and manufacture combination flare stacks consisting of:

  • Dual – High Pressure & Low Pressure Flares;
  • Triple – High Pressure, Low Pressure & Acid Gas Flares;
  • Quadruple – High Pressure, Low Pressure, Acid Gas & Cryogenic Flares.

Combination flare stacks have individual waste gas risers with the flare tips mounted relatively close to one another. FlareTech has a proprietary design that allows dual flare stacks to use just one Pilot / Pilot Ignition system to ignite and maintain ignition of both flares. FlareTech have manufactured small 40′ tall Dual Self-Supporting flares to large Quadruple flares up to 250′ tall.

Combination flare stacks offer a smaller footprint when space is at a premium.

Dual Flare Stacks

Triple Flare Stacks

Quad Flare Stacks