High Pressure Gas-Assisted Flare Stacks

FlareTech Inc. offers single-point Gas-Assisted Flares for smokeless combustion of low pressure, heavy hydrocarbons.

Our designs deliver stable combustion with a high destruction efficiency and low radiation yield. Initial cost will be lower than that of an Air-Assist, however, operating costs will be higher due to the high pressure fuel gas consumption.

The fuel gas is injected through multiple orifices spaced around the perimeter of the flare stack tip. The high exit velocity jets of fuel gas create a venturi effect: pulling ambient air into the combustion zone. This mixture of ambient air into the waste gas creates the desired smokeless combustion with a higher destruction efficiency. The High Pressure Gas-Assist Flare is a great solution for eliminating smoke on intermittent flaring like pipeline blow downs or short term PSV relief applications.