Low BTU Ring Burner Gas-Assisted Flare Stacks

FlareTech Inc. designs and manufactures Ring Burner Flare Stacks that assist in the destruction of Low BTU Acid gases that contain high percentages of inert gases, along with hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.

When inert gases are part of the waste gas composition, the heating value will be quite low, making it hard to maintain a 98% destruction efficiency. Regulatory requirements state that Acid Gas Flares must have a minimum heating value of 20 Mj/m3. With a low BTU acid gas waste gas stream, the addition of a natural gas ring burner raises the heating value at the tip in a more efficient manner, which will result in an improved destruction efficiency in comparison to adding fuel gas into the waste gas stream. The ring burner creates a stable wall of flame around the perimeter of the flare tip that ensures the low BTU waste gas goes through the complete combustion process.