Utility Flare Stacks

A Utility Flare Stack is the most basic and common type of “open pipe” flare.  The height of the flare is calculated based on the ground level radiation from the flame and the height required for the safe dispersion of the products of combustion as per regulatory requirements.

Radiation in general does not exceed 1500 btu/hr/ft2 at ground level.

The diameter of the Flare Stack is calculated from the allowable pressure drop provided by the client and the exit mach. API-521 recommends the design exit velocity for continuous flaring should not exceed 0.2 mach; and for emergency relief flaring the exit velocity should not exceed 0.5 mach.

FlareTech’s Utility Flare Stacks are used for combustion of waste gases that do not produce smoke, gases with a low heating value, or most commonly, for very short term emergency relief installations where smokeless combustion is not required.

FlareTech Utility Flares are used in applications where smokeless operations can be achieved without the assistance of steam, low-pressure air, high-pressure air or high-pressure gas.