Electronic Spark Ignition Systems

The Electronic Spark Ignition System is utilized most commonly on emergency relief applications of waste gas streams that are easily ignited. The ESI is designed for a continuous, intermittent arcing cycle. The systems are factory set to arc every 10 seconds for approximately 1 second, to directly ignite the waste gas stream. To meet regulatory requirements and, as recommended by FlareTech, the ESI is only used when the waste gas being flared is less than 1% sour.

FlareTech’s Electronic Spark Ignitor main body is constructed from 316 Stainless Steel. The probes in the heat-affected zone are constructed from 310 Stainless Steel. The design of the ESI has been developed with over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the flare industry. The electrode probes are a ½”, 316 Stainless Steel rod; they are short, preventing any warping in the heat. Wind causes the center electrode to pivot across a fixed spark gap; this pivoting center electrode eliminates any potential problem of carbon build up in between the electrode’s spark gap. The insulators have been updated to a proprietary high heat material which has given excellent results over glazed ceramic or porcelain insulators.

FlareTech’s Electronic Spark Ignitor is available in multiple voltages

FT-ESI-12-S12Vdc Solar and Battery powered
FT-ESI-24-SB24Vdc with 12Vdc Solar and battery backup

Solar and Battery Backup – The ignitor model has a redundancy unit within the control panel. This redundancy unit is wired to a direct power source to charge the batteries. If this power supply is ever interrupted, the ignitor will automatically switch its input power over to a solar panel to charge the batteries.