Retractable Pilots with Monitoring & Ignition Systems

FlareTech Retractable Pilots

A pilot is a continuous source of waste gas ignition, it is always on to ensure the waste gas is ignited as it leaves the flare tip. The pilot flame serves to light the waste gas stream exiting the flare. To ensure the pilot gives you years of trouble free service, we recommend a clean fuel gas supply or propane.

FlareTech Retractable Pilots are constructed from 316 Stainless Steel; with a standard 10’ overall length and optional 15′ overall length, FlareTech ensures that the pilots monitoring & ignition system are kept out of the damaging heat from the flare stack. The pilot nozzles are 310 Stainless Steel with a threaded connection to the body of the pilot making replacement of the nozzles much easier.

FlareTech’s pilots are designed to be as efficient as possible, with a fuel consumption of only 25 scfh of natural gas. The legs on the pilots have been revolutionized with a new roller design, solving any potential hang up issues. This makes retracting a Pilot / Pilot Ignition system a simple process and makes any down-the-road maintenance easily completed without having to have a plant shut down. This feature alone has saved countless petroleum companies millions of dollars in lost production.

All pilots are capable of operating on propane. Upon request pilots are supplied with a propane orifice that reduces fuel consumption; our standard orifices will operate on propane or fuel gas, however the orifice change optimizes fuel consumption. Pilots with a propane orifice utilize only 7.5 scfh of propane.

A new high-efficiency propane pilot is coming soon!

FlareTech offers two pilots as our standard pilots

FT-RP145° 310 SS pilot nozzle
FT-RP2Straight 310 SS pilot nozzle

For more severe conditions we offer a modified version of our pilot.

FT-RP1-1545° 310 SS pilot nozzle with 15’ overall length
FT-RP2-15Straight 310 SS pilot nozzle with 15’ overall length
FT-RP3-15Straight 310 SS Acid Gas pilot nozzle with 15’ overall length
FT-RP3Straight 310 SS Acid Gas pilot nozzle
FT-RP445° 310 SS Acid Gas pilot nozzle

Pilot with Pilot Monitoring & Ignition System

FlareTech Inc.’s Pilot Monitoring and Ignition system is a reliable, fail-safe system used to initially ignite the pilot and, in the rare case where flame failure may occur, re-ignite the pilot, all while continuously monitoring the pilot.  The system is power and thermocouple “fail-safe”. Fail-safe design ensures if there is a loss of power or a thermocouple signal, you will get an alarm.

The system provides a continuous but fully retractable pilot & pilot ignition system.  The pilot flame is monitored by a Type “K” 310 Stainless Steel thermocouple, positioned inside the pilot nozzle at a point where the flame temperature will not prematurely damage the thermocouple. In general thermocouples in the FlareTech pilot system give 5 to 10 years of trouble-free service. The thermocouple signal is sent back to a temperature switch, which has a factory set point temperature, where the ignition system engages and a timer counts down and alarms if the pilot flame is not re-established above the set-point. Should the pilot flame go out, it will activate an auto-­relight process by opening a solenoid valve and igniting a stoichiometric air-fuel mixture. This sends a flame front to ignite the pilot and the flare remains fully functional. If the system encounters a problem and cannot correct itself, the unit initiates an auto ­shut down to close the fuel gas supply to the ignition system and activates an alarm back to the control room.

FlareTech Pilot Monitoring & Ignition Systems

FT-PMI-24-S24Vdc Solar and Battery powered
FT-PMI-24-SB24Vdc Solar and Battery power back up
FT-PMI-24-X24Vdc PLC Class 1 Div. 2 explosion proof
FT-PMI-24-X-S24Vdc PLC Class 1 Div. 2 explosion proof with solar and battery power
FT-PMI-24-X-SB24Vdc PLC Class 1 Div. 2 explosion proof with solar and battery power back up

All models are available in Dual, Triple and Quadruple enclosures. Many options are available.