Dynamic Seal

The Dynamic Seal, also known as Purge Reducer or Velocity Type Seal, is used to direct the air from the inside wall of the flare stack to the center of the flare tip.

As wind passes over the top of a flare tip, the tip is prone to catch some air, which in turn, follows down the low pressure zone against the inside wall of the flare tip. Without a Dynamic Seal installed, a substantially higher purge gas rate is required. There is no method of control to ensure that a combustible air/fuel mixture does not build below the Stainless Steel Flare Tip. If an air/fuel mixture were to form below, the Flare Tip has the potential to cause an explosion or internal combustion, causing damage to the Flare System. With a Dynamic Seal installed the purge gas rate is kept to a minimum.

The Dynamic Seal also creates a higher pressure zone by increasing the gas velocity, which also slightly increases the gas density helping to create a pressure envelope that the air will not pass through, all while reducing the purge gas down to a minimum.

To summarize, the Dynamic Seal is a safety feature that will ensure maximum efficiency and life expectancy of the Flare System, as well as help you to save on costly purge gas and reduce carbon emissions.



2”FT-DS-23 SCFH40 SCFH92.5%
3”FT-DS-37 SCFH90 SCFH92.2%
4”FT-DS-413 SCFH157 SCFH91.7%
6”FT-DS-630 SCFH353 SCFH91.5%
8”FT-DS-850 SCFH628 SCFH92%
10”FT-DS-1080 SCFH982 SCFH91.9%
12”FT-DS-12118 SCFH1414 SCFH91.7%
14”FT-DS-14143 SCFH1724 SCFH91.7%
16”FT-DS-16190 SCFH2283 SCFH91.7%
18”FT-DS-18241 SCFH2921 SCFH91.7%
20”FT-DS-20298 SCFH3638 SCFH91.8%
22”FT-DS-22380 SCFH5307 SCFH92.8%
24”FT-DS-24435 SCFH8400 SCFH94.8%
30”FT-DS-30685 SCFH12,200 SCFH94.4%
36”FT-DS-36990 SCFH15,125 SCFH93.5%
42”FT-DS-421353 SCFH16,705 SCFH91.9%
48”FT-DS-481772 SCFH21,920 SCFH91.9%
54”FT-DS-542247 SCFH27,746 SCFH91.9%
60”FT-DS-602760 SCFH34,225 SCFH91.9%