Installation & Commissioning

FlareTech’s systems have been developed to be the easiest, most user friendly designs in the industry. A detailed installation manual will be provided with each purchase however, an installation and commissioning crew can still be provided upon request. We have knowledgeable staff to help you with technical support 24/7, virtually or on-site to ensure that your Flare Stack and Ignition System installation or commissioning is done right.

Services we are offer are listed below:

  • Flare Stack Bolt-up; parts are shipped in pieces and so like a puzzle, our crew can be available to bolt them together and ensure an easy operation.
  • Flare Stack Erection; our crew can be on site while crane operators stand the flare
  • Guy Wire Tensioning; tightening up the Guy Wires as to make sure everything sticks together
  • Installation of the Ignition System
  • Installation of the Warning Lights
  • Total Job Procurement; we can see your project out from start to finish