FlareTech Inc. offers a package to swap the existing ignition system with our proven and reliable system. Utilization of the existing tracking system is possible in many cases. If the existing tracking is not able to be reused; FlareTech offers custom built tracking to suit the existing flare stack. We also offer replacement flare tips of any size; if you have an old flare stack that is in need of a new ignition system and/or flare tip, let FlareTech be a part of the solution and help with any of your retrofit needs.

FlareTech have accomplished many air assist retrofits to existing flare stacks. Utilizing the existing flare stack, by adding a blower, annulus air duct and air assist tip we can make your smoking flare stack smokeless; upgrading your flare stack so that it meets all standards and regulatory bodies’ requirements.

FlareTech technicians and welders are available for any onsite installations and/or repairs.